About Kileo

Yusuph Kileo is an expert on Cyber security and digital forensics field.

Yusuph joined Tanzania Telecommunication Company Limited (TTCL), MIS department in 2008 where he developed interest in security field. In 2010 He joined Deloitte in IT department where he strengthens his security skills.

He is often invited to speak or chair information security, risk, and crime as well as provide opinion pieces via TV, radio and print/online media.

As a hardworking, enthusiastic graduate, Kileo is eager to learn new skills and meet new challenges in a dynamic work environment. Highly motivated and good team worker enthusiastic to commence a career in the ICT/IT Industry/ Digital Forensics  Organizations.

Kileo has used his experience gained as a platform for leveraging quality information services through computing and information systems and security in an organized, professional and timely manner for development in Africa and the world at  large.

Apart from his carrier, He also engage on social and extra curriculum activities. He has been attending community services programs, debate club and led various group projects, emphasizing good communications. Kileo has also contributed to media industry as a radio presenter for years and movie industry.

Kileo joined other member in Organizing WWF safe The world campaign 2010 event and he has been attending varieties of forensics and InfoSec events in different countries he also provide Various training on code of ethics and professional conduct.



Yusuph Kileo (Right) and Jason Jordaan 
Cyber security
Traveling and sight seeing 

Enjoy swimming and interact with people. 

Community based volunteer work
Writing on topical issues

Yusuph Kieo and other Deligates leading a panel discussion (AfICTA summit 2014) in Egypt.

Panel at CyberCon Africa. Left to right: David Isiavwe and Abdulkarim Chukkol (Nigeria), Kileo Yusuph (Tanzania), Christopher Goode (US Secret Service), and Yolanda Gair (South Africa).


2014    Certificate of attendance Annual ICT leadership and management
Conference 2014

2014     Certificate of participation – A special Guest, Internet security: Enhancing information exchange safeguards

2014    Certificate of appreciations: An organizer of the cyber security
Event 2014

2013    Certificate of attendance 10th international conference on High-
capacity optical network and emerging technologies
(Communication and network security)

2013    Certificate of participation (The 2013 IYF World Camp, Tanzania)

2013    Certificate of Completion (Leadership skills for global Market place)

2012     Certificate of Participation to Tanzania Police Force Website

2012        BSc. (Hons) in Computing (Computer security )
First Division, Second Class.

2012        U-EDGE Outstanding achievement award
(Leadership, Team work, Education and carrier, Social awareness
And Community service, Diversity and Cultural awareness).

2010        Certificate of participation and appreciation to Community
Service (School Adaption Project) Awarded By SMKDABB
2010        Certificate of service awarded by Deloitte Consulting.

2010         Certificate of Training with Good Attendance.
Awarded by Deloitte consulting

2010         Certificate of completions Network assentials-31843_eng.Awarded by SkillSoft (E-learning Deloitte resources)

2010          Certificate of completions Implementing IT SecurityAnd Workplace Safety Measures - 251135_eng.
Awarded by SkillSoft (E-learning Deloitte resources)

2008         Certificate of Training with Good Integrity and Attendance.
Awarded by Tanzania Telecommunication Company

Education: After doing his IT essential course with Cisco certification, He continued on his studies at Dar Es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT), He was admitted in Computer Engineering Department, majoring in Computer Technician.

He joined Staffordshire University where He was admitted in the Computer science department; He did Bachelor of Science in Computer majoring in computer security. He wrote his final year project titled “Intelligent access control system”.

Based on leadership and professional competence he demonstrated at University, he was then awarded an outstanding achievement award (U- EDGE).

Yusuph also did his master degree at Eastern Mediterranean University, majoring in Information technology where he concentrates on both Project management and risk management.

Technical Competence: He started his career as technician and grows up to IT scientist; this attribute puts him in a position to support the organization in different areas like client ICT related projects. (Troubleshooting, Installation, Investigation, and many more technical solutions)

Media Relation: He have also worked as presenter at Uhuru FM, and he has been involved in different event which gave him an exposure to media (TV, Radio, blogs and other social media) good relation with media as well as solid network with people whom he worked with.

Regulatory Control: He has worked with Tanzania Police Force, he manage to utilize his skill on digital forensics investigations and gain experience in the field, he extend cybercrime unit performance and conducted several trainings and provide insights on cyber challenges in Tanzania.

Consulting: He has worked with Deloitte, credible consulting firm in a country, working with Deloitte has taught him to be hard working, flexible and get things done efficiently. He has also worked with BTG US and Tanzania based organization on training for managers in different organizations.

Volunteer on Cyber Awareness: He has been working with different organizations, private and public, local and international organizations on the area of cyber security through volunteering.

Training: Yusuph has been invited to speak, offer training in different groups (university students, scientist, managers, and directors) or chair information security, risk, and crime conferences, as well as provide opinion pieces via TV, radio and print/online media. He has a blog with more than 1300 visitors which publish on cyber security issues.

YUSUPH KILEO, a cybersecurity and digital forensics expert received an award as "Cybersecurity expert of the year" recently in Nairobi Kenya - The award was given in recognition of his outstanding contribution on cybersecurity matters in African countries.

Yusuph is currently a managing Director of National CF – Tanzania and a board member of Africa ICT Alliance (AfICTA).


Yusuph Kileo ni mtaalam katika maswla ya usalama katika mifumo ya digitali.

Kileo, Mwaka 2008 alijiunga na kitengo cha MIS, kilichopo TTCL ambapo alijenga nia ya kutaka kujua maswala yahusuyo ulinzi mtandao.

Mwaka 2010, Ali fanyia kazi kampuni ya Deloitte ambapo aliendeleza kukuza uelewa wake katika maswala ya usalama katika mifumo ya digitali.

Amekua akitoa mapendekezo mbali mbali kupitia maandishi, vipindi vya radio na TV katika maeneo mengi kimataifa. Pia amekua akishiriki na maranyingine akiongoza mikutano mbali mbali ihusuyo maswala ya usalama mitandao katika ngazi ya kidunia.

Kileo amekua akichangia katika idara ya maswala ya TEHAMA pamoja na maswala ya ulinzi mtandao maeneo mbalimbali ikiwa ni moja ya ndoto zake kuweza kuuona mataifa salama kimtandao na kuongezea vijana uwezo katika kujenga nia ya kujifunza maswwala ya TEHAMA na ulinzi wa mifumo ya digitali.

Mbali na maswala yahusuyo ujuzi wake pia amekua akishiriki maswala mengine mbali mbali ya kijamii ikiwa ni pamoja kutoa misaada kwa jamii mbali mbali kimataifa - ambapo alipata kushiriki matukio mengi ya kijamii nje na ndani ya Nchi.

Mwaka 2010, Kileo alipata fursa ya kua miongoni mwa waandaaji wa  "WWF save the day campaign" ambapo aliungana na washiriki wengine. Pia amekua akitoa mafunzo mbali mbali yahusuyo maswala ya ulinzi mitandao - Na kutumika kurekebisha mitaala ili kuendana na mahitaji ya ulinzi mitandao ( Nje ya Tanzania)


Maswala yahusuyo ulinzi mitandao

Kuogelea na kujichanganya na watu.

Kusafiri na kutembelea maeneo mbalimbali

Kujitolea kusaidia jamii zinazo mzunguka

Kuandika, hasa maswala yanayo sumbua jamii inayomzunguka